Welcome to DE Jardine Consulting

DE Jardine Consulting and DE Jardine Environmental Consulting are small privately run businesses which can provide environmental services in a personal and  user friendly manner.


DE Jardine Consulting is privately operated sole proprietorship formed in late 2009 which has over 30 years of experience in the environmental field. 

DE Jardine Consulting can provide assistance to government agencies, municipalities, institutions, private enterprise and individuals in the following areas.

1.       Climate change adaptation and mitigation Issues

2.       Environmental assessments

3.       Investigation of contaminated sites and environmental contaminants

4.       Project management / leadership for environmentally related issues

5.      Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments.

6.       Preparation of environmental reports.

7.       Education / Communication presentations

8.       Solid waste management and waste diversion

9.       Groundwater / hydrogeological investigations including salt water intrusion

10.   Environmental photography

11. Wildlife and Fisheries Biology